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   This is the division to where we humbly pride ourselves.  Audio Production - Addis Best has been in existence officially for over 14 years with an adopted  Signature Sound.  “ Ragga Boom” evolved from influences in Reggae and Hip-Hop.  A fusion of "Boom Bap" Rhythm, with Caribbean Syncopations, with a separate melody collide to bring forth Production of a new Genre.

   The idea of traveling to an Artist is nothing short of Devine Intervention.  There had been musicians who weren’t able to always make it to the physical location regularly.  The alternative was to lug all of the equipment to them to basically, “Keep it moving.”  As production materials became more functional, less equipment was needed to accomplish these short-term goals.  “Hey, we might as well do this "All of The Time.”  For the sake of Convenience to the client, The Mobile-Studio operates regularly now.  Mixing and Mastering however, is done at the address in Metro ATL area.

   The rates are reasonable. The Service is quality. From the central location in South East Atlanta, production works well for everyone, where travel is not a problem to get work accomplished

   There are options to purchase music from a catalogue of established Songs/Tracks.  $45.00 is the rate with the understanding that the music may be used elsewhere.  There are definitely reasonable rates in buying a Song/Track outright.                                                             

“Just give us the Location and Time.  Focus on the Project, and We Do The Driving!”

"Double The Information & Inspiration"


   Addis Best hadn’t always been a motto describing the company.  This 

began as a play-on-words derived form the name of the owner.  The company began in 1998.  The business began in

N.J., then branched out establishing “Sound Consulting Level 

Management” LLC. in 2005.  This is the parent name to where the 

entity exists.


   Addis studied at William Paterson University as a Vocal Major ’01-’05.  

Practical knowledge was obtained for Live Sound, along with Analog to 

Digital processing at “The Institute of Audio Research”.  And, as an 

Intern of Platinum Producing Studio “D.M.L.,” hands on training 

developed character, regarding Music Business ethics. 


   Presently the company is working with the Audio/Visual Department at 

S.C.L.M. International in Stockbridge GA.  Audio Production,

Engineering, Web Presence, and Podcasting  

summarize the beginnings of services provided.  Our goal is developing 

A/V material, in a complete package, through Media Production.  


Playing The Best HITS, R&B, SOUL, & OLD SCHOOL!