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Tynetta Nicole Hare was born April 23, 1971 in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Ms. Julia C. Hare and Mr. Oscar Hare Jr. - are her proud parents.  Tynetta was reared in the church, but later ventured out to pursue her career in the secular world of music.  Thanks to her roots, her course has been chartered back to the heart of God.
Tynetta is a dynamic soloist, who sings songs that soothe the soul and transform broken spirits. Her infectious personality, sense of humor and spirit of God within her, bring peace to any environment.
Tynetta has been singing since she was 3 years old and has not stopped since!
She trained with a vocal instructor throughout her school days- which afforded her the opportunity to obtain a voice scholarship from Fayetteville State University.  As destiny would have it, immediately following her high school graduation in 1989, she went on to tour internationally with M.C. Hammer.
Tynetta traveled with M.C. Hammer and his entourage- as a back up singer and a lead vocalist.  Her voice has been featured on the “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt’em” CD and later on his gospel CD, “Inside Out”.  She has also had the opportunity to sing “Go For It”, which was a song featured on the Rocky V soundtrack.
Tynetta is also a licensed Cosmetologist in the
state of North Carolina where she currently resides.  She was licensed initially, in California in
1993, where she lived for 17 years- having graduated from the Fremont Beauty College.  When asked what she does for a living, her response is always “combs and microphones”.  She is grateful to God for giving her the ability to use the gifts He’s given to bless & encourage others. 
She is currently a committed citizen of the Kingdom of God at Life Center International under the leadership of Bishop Terrell L. Murphy.  There she serves as an alto section leader and worship leader with the choir. 
Tynetta knows that her gifts and talents have all
come from the Lord.  One scripture she stands on is Proverbs 3:5 & 6. “ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.”
This is “DATE WITH DESTINY” and I’m your host, “TYNETTA NICOLE”  here to encourage you to think up, get up and not give up on the gifts and callings God has placed on the inside of you. You must know that your struggles, tests and challenges have all contributed to who you are and who you’re becoming. Which in turn prepares you for your date with destiny.
During our moment s together on this show, you will hear from men and women of God that are artists, recording artists, entrepreneurs, authors, and from various non-profit organizations that are giving back to communities by building, equipping, and empowering people of the community.  In so doing, it is my hope as your host to inspire you to pursue your purpose and your passion and be the BEST you, YOU can be!